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Special Needs School, Kuwait

Currently, Franklin Hill & Associates is the exclusive educational facility planning consultant for the Special Needs Schools in Kuwait. Under the direction of Langdon Wilson International, Architects, the total project consists of three campuses totaling 6,000,000 GSF and serving 9,000 special needs students.

Designed to accommodate autism, physical disabilities, deaf, blind, and down syndrome students, numerous unique educational planning concepts will be applied to ALL students and educational situations.

Working with the LWI design team, Franklin Hill & Associates orchestrated the involvement of international consultants and established the overarching educational philosophy for 21 Century learning and the programmatic functional framework for design. Dr. Hill personally was engaged in programming all the educational spaces for both male and female facilities.

Hill proposed a very unique “small learning communities” model that could be applied across all exceptionalities giving both educational continuity to learning and a “systems” construction approach for economic and timely design and construction.

Sensorial design elements were employed that extended far beyond the general classrooms or neighborhoods to include family group areas and even indoor/outdoor patio spaces for environmental stimulation in the oftentimes extreme Middle East climate. Advanced technologies and specialized ergonomic furniture will also be incorporated as this project opens in 2015.

Dr. Hill orchestrated a tour of internationally recognized “world class” schools to explore curricula, technology, and emerging special needs pedagogy that is changing the design of education worldwide. Hill concluded that such a tour must both educate and inspire the client to new ideas, while properly embracing the uniqueness of Middle Eastern culture and custom.

This requires a complex balancing of educational trends, international pedagogy, local culture, and in-country design and construction systems.

Hill believes the psychology of changing educational circumstances worldwide is a critical part of the 21st century educational design process. But, it must be built upon a carefully built understanding of the intricacies of the host country. If it does not match with culture and custom, the best ideas will not be well accepted and as a result, fail in results, says Hill.

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World Bank Presentation – Ghana, Africa

Dr. Hill was a specialist educational consultant and presenter to a 200+ person World Bank conference on the reduction of the uncontrolled “brain drain” from Ghana.

A substantial portion of the limited funding for advanced post high school education is applied to nurse training.  Yet, after graduation and modest OJT experience, nurses leave Ghana for international employment in destinations such as Australia, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Hill was originally commissioned to address the development of modular training facilities that could be employed across the country to expedite the training process using advanced nurse training software.  Hill defined the need for a pre-test of basic skills to better focus on both medical studies and supplementing the “learning gap” – those international cultural and basic skills that also needed enhancement.

To help reduce out migration, Hill proposed a series of financial incentives that would defer out migration through payments to family and savings accounts when in country.  Additional funding would then be pay to the home country and families once the nurse worked overseas.  Final payments would be kept in escrow pending the nurses return to Ghana after a pre-approved designated period of time. 

The goal was to stabilize family structure and income through in country retention, reduce the duration out-of-country, and encourage return to stabilize and enhance domestic health services.

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Corporate Health Care Training Facilities - Philippines

One of the worlds recognized resource for international nurses and medical technology professionals is the Philippines.  FH&A was contracted by Health Careers of America (HCOA) to analyze educational systems, hospital health care models in country, and develop corporate teaching facilities.  These campuses could operate within a variety of existing urban office buildings.

Hill was involved with numerous US based medical professionals and Philippine based hospitals to coordinate the assessment of current programs, present and future technology applications, software training systems under development, and the subsequent facility space for 18 hour per day health care training.

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Other International Experience and Projects.

Franklin Hill & Associates has had experience and projects in several additional countries including:

  • Netherlands – Presentation on Educational Trends
  • England – Technology Education and Career Preparation
  • Canada – P-3 Schools and Corporate Partnerships
  • Malaysia – SMART School Design
  • Russia – Presentation on "Schools of the Future"
  • China – American Institute of Architects AIA Presentation
  • Israel – “Edusystems 2000 World Congress”

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