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Why would an educational futurist planner ever write children’s books?

Because, Franklin Hill is an educator first, and a trained design expert second. At FH&A education is the primary focus, one that must be addressed before the learning environment can become a critical tool for success.

Franklin Hill has assisted numerous school districts in understanding educational trends in technology and curriculum, and then chooses appropriate and affordable applications for the local needs and conditions.

But, while planning the Disney Celebration School, defining the building design for the future was easy.  The real challenge was changing how we educate about the learning process and applying the pedagogy that would support such changes.

“Fear of change can cripple individuals but also organizations such as school districts and corporations.”

The Hill planning process was completely changed to address the psychology of change before coming prior to the physical characteristics of design.  His children’s books create a non-threatening metaphor for all ages – including adults.

Wings of Change

Wings of Change was Hill’s first children’s books resulting from his planning of the Disney Celebration School.  “The design solution was as symbiotic as that of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly,” said one of the Disney administrators.

In Wings of Change, a caterpillar named Anew is afraid to become a butterfly.  This fundamental level of fear impacts all ages.

Fortunately, a wise old snail explains to Anew:

As the world turns,
So do you
When we change for the good
You change the world too!

In Wings of Change, Anew the butterfly experiences three bad dreams that Hill equates to various educational groups found in common school situations.  But, the fundamental theme is simple…

“Thinking like a caterpillar does not work for butterflies”…

Wings Within

Hill’s second book, Wings Within follows the change theme, but through the eyes of Myrtle the Sea Turtle, who wants to become a butterfly, but can’t.

Many educators are copy cats…following the crowd, and are not doing what is right for their local situation. 

“This can be worse than doing nothing,” says Hill.  A future trend must make sense to the specific application and be accepted by staff to really work.

Myrtle the Sea Turtle is taught that:

We all have wings
To set us free
I have found the wings
That are right for ME!!!

In the end, Myrtle can overcome any hurtle, because he loves “being a TURTLE”!!!

These children’s books have a profound application for adults, within a metaphor that is delightful to children.

Workshops on Change

Wings of Change and Wings Within provide individual and group guidance to counselors, teachers, and even corporate leaders to self-evaluate and overcome fear which can cripple positive change.

FREE consultation is available to professionals seeking advice on how to use his books as a tool for personal growth and positive change.  Each book includes a guided series of questions that integrate into the workshop or counseling process.  Practicing professionals or human resources personnel are encouraged to call Frank for a half hour, no obligation chat. 

CHARITABLE contributions will be made to various child abuse non-profit charities from every purchase of either book.

CURRICULUM guidelines are also available to enhance user success with each book.

Dr. Franklin Hill

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