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Planning Schools for 2050? First, Let's Get Now Right

For 20 years, I have promoted constructing today's schools with the future in mind, yet as many school districts begin planning for the year 2050, I am starting to think this foresight/forethought might actually be a distracting course of action. Some districts may try to plan so far into the future that they neglect the present.

But, there is an option to do both: plan for today and appropriately and practically plan for tomorrow.

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"Smaller Schools Are Good"… It Depends

"Small schools are good" may not be as true as it sounds! To encourage such a broad-based theme as small schools is certainly well intended, but an incredible number of factors also affect the success and true realization of this theme.

The question is, what is a "right-sized" school for your needs and how do you accomplish it?

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10 Educational Trends are Revolutionizing School-Design Priorities

In the old days, educational excellence was defined as being better than the school district next door. This might include winning more Friday night football games, a slightly better grade point average, and a few more kids going to college. This is no longer an acceptable standard. Times have changed.

Today, top-notch school districts around the country see competition as a national, and even international responsibility, where performance standards are getting tougher and the best colleges and technical schools are far more selective.

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