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About Franklin Hill, PhD

Senior Educational Facility Planner

Franklin Hill, PHD, of Franklin Hill & Associates is an internationally recognized educational facility planner and futurist for appropriate educational change. Frank's interdisciplinary credentials and experience allow him to take a comprehensive view of capital resource management, present/future planning requirements, and provide legitimate trend analysis in educational curriculum and facility design...within budget.

Ahead of the trend in 1993, Hill promoted the now popular "small learning communities" model for educational design during his planning of the Disney® Celebration School in Orlando, Florida. He then applied these learning community concepts to new and remodeled schools across the US and internationally.

Franklin Hill was involved in 8 out of the nation's top 100 high schools identified in a US News and World Report feature addition on education. Since opening his international practice in 1987, Franklin Hill & Associates has planned over 250 schools, exceeding $3 billion US in construction.  FH&A now provides consulting services across North America and numerous foreign countries, including: Canada, Russia, England, Netherlands, Kuwait, Ghana, Philippines, and Malaysia

In Kuwait, Dr. Hill is currently the lead educational specialist planner for 6 million GSF of school on 3 campuses, planned to serve 9,000 special needs students including: autism, deaf, blind, physically and mentally challenged. Consulting involvement over two years has included tours of primer international programs, setting the educational vision for design, space programming, functional design, and design review.

Academic Credentials:

  • BA Economics and Finance—University of Michigan
  • MA Urban Planning—University of Sheffield, England
  • MA Curriculum/Administration—University of Michigan
  • Ph.D. Education and Planning—University of Michigan
  • Post-Doctoral Studies: Environmental Impact Analysis—Florida State University

Professional Experience:

  • Franklin Hill & Associates International Consulting Firm since 1987
  • Vice President of a 40-Person Architectural Firm
  • Vice President for a 100-Person Construction Program Management Firm
  • Director of Facility Planning for a 100,000-Pupil School District
  • Teacher and School Administrator

Special projects include:

  • Kuwait Special Needs School
  • Ghana World Bank presentation on “Brain Drain Mitigation” and migration reduction.
  • Celebration K-12 School—Disney Development Company, Celebration, Florida
  • Burnaby K-12 Schools—Vancouver, British Columbia  (IBM/BC Tel)
  • ENLOE—“Magnet High School of America”, Raleigh, NC
  • Corporate Electronic Learning Centers—US and Canada
  • Brookfield Zoo K-12 Immersion School, Chicago, Illinois
  • International Nurse Culturalization & Immigration Facilities, Philippines, 2006

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